UPVC Windows and Doors

We have had a relationship with our manufacturer for over 18 years and being one of the largest local manufacturers with 25 years of experience in manufacturing windows doors and conservatories.

Working at capacity the fully computerised factory produces thousands of windows a week! To begin with huge lengths of "REHAU" profile are loaded into their automated multi-point cutters and welders, these huge machines will suck in the profile, cut then weld with a degree of accuracy that would be practically impossible to match by smaller man-operated machines. Each machine utilises computerised optimisation programming, which means wastage is often below 0.05%. When the machines have finished with the conservatory, it is down to the well-trained eye of the experts and to fit the hinges, handles and locks, then two separate final inspections before being despatched.

Constant upgrading and day to day input into the running of the factory has led to its products being awarded BS EN ISO 9002* BS 7412* PASOII*BS5713 as well as full BBA certification for its PVCu products. Beyond this it operates its own in-house laboratory tests which far exceed the standards set down by the BSI inspectors. The BSI undertook an audit test on a sample window selected from the factory by their representative. This window was awarded an exposure category of "2800 special" which is over twice that required to achieve a kite mark (1200) and over 4 times greater than would be required to withstand the maximum wind speed experienced in this area for the last 50 years.


The plastic profile extrusion is produced by "REHAU" Window Systems part of one of the largestgroup of companies in the country. "REHAU" profile is brilliant white in colour and is extruded from virgin polymers (not reground profile, used by many companies but synonymous with discolourationand abnormal expansion). It is the second most used profile in the VK. The frames are not only 30% bigger than normal window frames they are also reinforced using galvanised steel and aluminium. This combination has been chosen to give the greatest strength combined with combating the problem ofinternal corrosion prevalent in many competitors products. All the joints are machine welded and are not modular in construction, therefore numerous cover strips are not required. All gaskets used are coextruded long-life EPDM rather then rubber that can rot and shrink. Windows and doors utilise twin high memory seals which make draughts a thing of the past.


Our double glazed units are constructed using Pilkington glass. All units are 28mm overall in size,which according to Pilkington offers the optimum performance for insulation. We offer either clear orobscured glass (in any of the standard Pilkington designs). All glass except for stained glass is toughened to BS 6206 grade A. Special options that are available at extra cost include Georgian bars, diamond or square lead and tinted glass. We also offer the Pilkington K glass which gives insulation equivalent to triple glazing.