Door-Stop Composite Entrance Doors

Door-Stop manufacture and deliver made to measure doors to the trade nationwide – in only 3 days. Door-Stop composite doors offer the very best in strength easy maintenance, security and weather resistance, making homes all over the UK safer and better looking. With over 100 billion easy composite door configurations to choose from, the options are almost endless.

What is the difference?

Boast a timber grain effect
Someone clever once said that quality is in the detail. So what does that tell us about plain, white polystyrene-filled panel doors? The timber effect grain of one of our doors gives a rich, classic style to your house – and a very warm welcome home. Now that is clever.

Don’t discolour with time
“I’d like a bright white door now, and then I would like it to go a kind of tired mustard, off brown colour after a couple of years” has never been asked for but often given with PVC panel doors. The GRP skins mean you will keep the colour you originally asked for...

Darkwood colour
The new woodgrain door is really GRP....honestly! After months of development our two tone ‘Dark Wood’ door complements both mahogany or a cherrywood foil frame. This woodgrain door is guaranteed to give this unique ‘is it real’ look for a decade.
Solid framed and 1.7 inches thick
What’s in a door? Well, as you can see, there’s not very much at all between you and the outside world with a conventional PVC panel door. Our doors have a solid edge – to help keep you and your castle super-secure.

Don’t rely on visible gasket seals
I’ve always dreamt of having a white front door with unattractive black rubber rings around it.” If that’s the look you want for your home exterior – help yourself to a conventional white PVC door. Prefer great looks with the technical bits tucked away? - “I’d love a Composite Door please.”

Available in a variety of colours
Would you like your living room or your kitchen to look the same as everyone else’s? We thought not. But with PVC panel doors this limited choice comes as standard for the exterior of your home. Express your style with our wide selection of colour options.

Security is… being able to relax. Knowing your home is protected by a lock with a reputation built up through one hundred years of manufacturing and trusted in more than 120 countries across the world.. Every Door-Stop door comes with Yale locks, keys and furniture. For added peace of mind, whether you’re at home or not.